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  Frankenstein Online
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Frankenstein - the movie
And yeah, I gave my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly and I perceived that all is action and vexation of the spirit. For in much wisdom is much grief and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow. For God shall bring every work and every secret thing into judgment whether it be good or whether it be evil ...

The most famous of all Frankenstein films was probably the one produced in the United States in 1931. It was Carl Laemmle who for the first time tried to turn the famous story of Mary Shelley into a film. See how a professional film-maker dealt with this problem ...



  Scene 1:  On the cemetery

This is the first scene from 'Frankenstein'. What information do we have at the end? How is it presented? What do we learn about the relationship of the two men? How does the scene create atmosphere? What do you expect to happen next?

  Scene 2:  Elizabeth and Victor Moritz

We are at home with Elizabeth, Frankenstein's fiancée. A servant girl enters the room and announces the arrival of Victor Moritz ...
Unlike the beginning, this scene has got a great deal of dialogue. Why is that? What does it tell us about the relationship of Elizabeth and Victor?




  Scene 3:  With Dr Waldman
In this scene we find Elizabeth and Victor talking to Dr Waldman. They need his help because they want to try and get Frankenstein away from the old tower where he has set up his laboratory ...
Again, this scene has got a great deal of dialogue. Why is that? What does it tell us about the relationship of Dr Waldman and Frankenstein?


  Scene 4:  It's alive!
Here we see Frankenstein in his laboratory. He and his assistant Fritz are working hard. There is a storm that has just started in the mountains where their laboratory is, and now they hope to catch the spark that they need to give life to the body that Frankenstein has made ...


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  Scene 5:  The old Baron
At Frankenstein Castle, Victor and Elizabeth are telling the old Baron, Henry's father, not to worry about his son. They are joined by the 'burgomaster' who wants to know when the wedding of Henry and Elizabeth will be ...


  Scene 6:  Dr Waldmann and Henry
In this scene, we are back at the laboratory in the mountains. We find Dr Waldman who is trying to persuade Henry Frankenstein to destroy the creature he has made  ...


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  Scene 7:  Little Maria
In this scene, we see a little girl, Maria, the daughter of one of the villagers, by the side of a lake. Then the monster arrives ...
Watch the monsters reactions while he is playing with the girl. Observe how the expressions in his face change during the scene.


  Scene 8:  At the cinema
When the Frankenstein film was first shown, the actor who played the part of Dr Waldman appeared on stage and gave the audience a brief introduction. Why do you think this introduction was given? Do you think one would give an introduction like that to a present-day audience?


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