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  Episode 1
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  Episode 3
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'The Guidford Gang' war eine Sendereihe des Schulfernsehens und wur-de im WDR Fernsehen ausgestrahlt.




The Guildford Gang
In the quiet county town of Guildford strange things happen: Expensive cars disappear and the police haven't got a single clue who the thieves might be. One day Mike, an apprentice in a garage, watches his boss talking to a customer. The things he hears set him on the trail of the Guildford Gang ...



Guildford, the county town of Surrey, ...

is a small market town in Southern England, halfway between London and Portsmouth.


  Episode 1:  Something in the Air

Strange things happen in the town of Guildford: expensive cars disappear. Mike, who is an apprentice in a garage, suspects that his boss is involved in the car thefts ...





  Episode 2:  The Plot Thickens
Together with his friends Linda and Tom, Mike starts an investigation that turns out to be more dangerous than he imagines ...



  Episode 3:  All's Well that Ends Well
When Mike follows the car thieves, things run out of control. His only hope is that his friends and the police will rescue him ...


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