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  Episode 1
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  Episode 3
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  Episode 4
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  Episodes 1-4
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'Moving to Marlborough' war eine Sendereihe des Schulfernsehens und wurde im WDR Fernsehen ausgestrahlt.

Moving to Marlborough
After her husband has died in an accident Liz Becker decides to return to her hometown Marlborough in England. For her two children, Martina and Andy, this means that they have to leave all their friends in Cologne and start a new life in England ...



  Episode 1:  A New Start

Liz Becker and her two children Martina and Andy set off from Cologne to Marlborough in England. It's a journey with no return ...

  Episode 2:  Martina and Mark

In Marlborough, Martina soon finds a new friend, but on a school-excursion the new friendship nearly breaks off ...




  Episode 3:  Andy
Other than Martina, Andy finds it difficult to make new friends in Marlborough. So, after some vain efforts, he makes a decision ...


  Episode 4:  Found and Lost
Liz, Martina and Mark start a search for Andy. But when they arrive at Southampton harbour some things get out of control ...


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