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  Episode 1
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  Episode 2
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  Episode 3
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  Episode 4
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  Episode 5
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  A map of Lymington
Find a map of Lymington here.

'How to get a scoop' war eine Sendereihe des Schulfernsehens und wur- de im WDR Fernsehen ausgestrahlt.


How to get a scoop
Tom and Liz are close friends who live in the quiet town of Lymington. But one day there is a bank-raid and Liz is a witness. She informs Tom, who works as a reporter on a local newspaper, and they decide to catch the raiders ...



Lymington town ...

is a friendly place on the south coast of England. From here there are regular ferries to the Isle of Wight off the English coast.

  Episode 1:  A Detective is Born

Tom gets a phone-call from his girlfriend Liz, who works in a bank. There has been a bank-raid ...




  Episode 2:  Tom on the Trail
Tom starts investigating - and he finally finds the raiders. But then things go wrong ...


  Episode 3:  Liz Takes a Hand
Liz starts a search for Tom. In the meantime Tom tries to escape from the raiders' house ...


  Episode 4:  The Net is Closing
Liz informs the police, but when they arrive the birds have flown ...


  Episode 5:  May the Best Man Win
The raiders escape on the ferry to France but Tom and Liz are close on their heels ...


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